Thursday, December 11, 2008

Step Pyramid design

Designs for the new pyramid!

These new pyramids were a lot cooler than the old pyramids. Because the step pyramids had six Steps going up to a total of 198 feet. But the other pyramids were only a triangle... (In my opinion Squares are better than triangles.) Also the step pyramids had these awesome burial chambers for the king which was buried with all his belongings. The chambers had these weird paintings on the wall that would tell about the Pharaoh's life and what he did during his life. Step pyramids also had this HUGE grand gallery room in the center of the pyramid. The step pyramid also had a Queens chamber, but she was not buried there. (Weird, right?) In the original plan that room was supposed to be for the Pharaoh but he changed his mind and built a bigger, and much better burial room.

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